Contemporary DIY

From writing this essay, I have come to realise that technology has progressed to the point where we now have mountains of tools for self-empowerment.  We can learn new skills, look at how-to guides, make money, buy things, swap things even buy pets online.  These are just a few examples.  The possibilities and power that the internet and internet connected devices bestow on us is quite amazing.  It has changed the whole world into creators.  Even if you particularly suck at something, you can teach yourself not to! DIY is the norm now, we have tools and free software, apps and even recycling websites like freecycle if you want to work with reclaimed materials.

Another thing is that social media can make us feel important and that we have a voice, we no longer have to dress funny or make a ruckus to feel that we belong somewhere (well… we all know someone…).

Considering this, subcultures seems to be a thing of the past, it’s a worldwide culture now.  I wonder where it goes from here.


Contemporary DIY

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