Blurring lines

When you read about Pop art there is a phrase that always pops up in one form or another;

Pop artists wanted to blur the lines between high and low art

Whilst this can be understood, it is rarely discussed why they hoped to blur lines.  Apparently artists rebelled against the archaic view of what art is supposed to be and focussed on contemporary inspiration.  But why did they rebel?  It seems to me that from this point onwards artists and people in general became more interested in subjective needs and wants than anything else.

If you look at Dada for instance, there were manifestos and literature documenting why they wanted to oppose the system, they were against the war and against the high society that reared its head after, they had a purpose.  Surrealism that followed also stood by the same values but it appears to be subdued.  Surrealists turned inwards, focussing on the subconscious.  By the time we reach Pop, artists just wants to make contemporary art that they like and they want to make money so adopted mass-production methods like screen printing.

This is of course my personal view, but I can see a definite decline in society that were once concerned with worldly matters to the individualist culture of today where everyone is focussed on their own comforts.



Blurring lines

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