Points to discuss in my essay

I just finished my essay plan –

Another mindmap, some thinking and some research produced the following 6 preliminary points that I will discuss:

  • What is DIY and how does it relate to my practices 

DIY is an interesting subject to explore, it essentially means producing content without guidance from professionals and, as such, dates back to ancient times.  Although I will not be discussing the history to this level of detail, it is still an interesting subject to explore. In previous posts I have covered how Punk Rock DIY relates to my own practices.

  • Why is DIY closely associated with Punk Rock, discuss visual impact

Another interesting subject, why is DIY almost solely associated with Punk Rock when so many other movements employed this work ethic?  Mainstream media make us forget that Sci Fi fanzines were produced as early as 1930.

Visual impact relates to the methods used and it produce powerful messages.  My discussion will include the following:

A view of art and design movements that employed DIY (further discussed below) and what impact they had by using the technique.  How this visual chaos influenced Punk Rock and in turn how Punk Rock influence powerful contemporary works.

  • Other art and design movements that employed DIY

I will concentrate on a broad overview of movements that will provide context of the DIY work ethic..

  • How did these movements relate to and influence Punk Rock

This point is self-explanatory

  • How is Punk Rock DIY still relevant and adapted to contemporary practices

Discussing contemporary practices and how technology influence the DIY work ethic will be looked at.  I will look at existing practitioners and hopefully contact a couple to discuss how they are influenced by DIY and Punk Rock.

With social media, desktop publishing, 3D printing… the possibilities of DIY practices are endless…. In addition I will discuss visual impact again and why it is relevant to contemporary practices as well as my own practices.

  • Longevity of Punk Rock DIY, future insight

This point is a conclusion of my findings.  I should have established what motivates artists and designers to use DIY methods and why does this style have such a great ‘voice’.






Points to discuss in my essay

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