How my Topic relates to my own Practice

I associate with the Punk Rock ideology: anti-corporation, against mainstream and non-conformity, pro free thought and expression, for equality and anti-authoritarianism.

My whole life differs from the ‘expected’ course of how things are ‘supposed’ to be done. I moved abroad when I was 18, changed career in my late 20’s and started studying in my 30’s. Because I am not a formally educated artist, I regularly use DIY techniques to create work or to figure out how to manipulate materials.  My methods are therefore often inexperienced but produce interesting results.  I work with many mediums and tend to alter my style according to my mood, thoughts and material that I am using.  I also do not have unlimited funding so have to use the materials available to me.

Investigation into this topic will definitely inspire me, it will give me a deeper understanding of the history of this subculture and the methods used.  I will be able to produce more in-depth work with better context.  Research into this topic is important to me because I am inspired not only by the work produced but also by the powerful emotions behind it.  I think the style is very powerful and I hope to create powerful work that speaks to people.

My Final Major Project, the other part of this module, is connected to my essay topic; I am creating a ‘DIY’ website for designers who is at the beginning stages of their careers and who do not have the financial means to buy fancy tools for projects.  I will list free resources in a structured manner and the style of the website will be Punk Rock
and opposition art/design inspired.

The following are examples of my work with some background and how they relate to my chosen topic:

Topic Dvelopment2-2Topic Dvelopment2-3


Initial progress

After analysing my topic – Punk Rock – I created the following mindmaps about the subculture to organise and direct my thoughts.  I am excited about the DIY aspect of the Punk Rock subculture because it has potential to develop into an original piece of work.

punk rock mindmap1. first proposal

Initial progress

My Intention

I am creating this blog to record my thesis and final degree project during my last year of studies through the Interactive Design Studio (  My initial thoughts are to write my essay on the endurance of the Punk Rock style and its DIY culture, linking historic and contemporary practices and information in relation to cultural attitudes, style and differences.  My design project will also focus on DIY design thereby connecting with my thesis.

This idea will be developed during the next two weeks… so watch this space!

My Intention